Life will always be that new French leaf

Life has always been for me as a journey, always traveling and trying to make each and every spot for myself, as comfortable as it can be. From trying to move to another country for the purpose of study, then coming back home, to resolve old things in the past and then recuperate and withstand so many storms along the way, be it social relationships, a marriage, and then there’s or should be the usual, the work routine itself. But sadly, when I reach that point of comfort, I realize, that it is just making me now lazier and I start detesting the comfort later on. Of course, then it is time to move to a better place.

I used to think that I have moved onto a better place, that I might stay for a decade or two, but always realize that it is no longer harmonious to stay a bit longer, and I might be needed somewhere else.

I have now taken the first few steps for my next transition with full faith in Allah to guide me for what is ahead and better for me and my family.

It is always about planning and saving, nothing more, never have I dealt with life and accomplishments in such a way that I can never achieve it nor that it is impossible. For me, it has always been like this “Ok, that’s the objective, let’s start planning for it and definitely, it is possible to achieve it!”.

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