Teaching Profession is the best!

Hi there, hope you are well. It’s been a while since I have posted anything.

My best article is going to be over why I considered teaching as the most suitable profession for myself. I have worked with different companies in different sectors, met with big, famous and not-so-famous or struggling people in my life. All I can say is that communication, handling people, guiding people, considering their view points, being social and be free to do tasks in your own fashion, is what enabled me in the profession of teaching.

While in the industry side I have worked under many different and difficult bosses, yes, even the crazy ones, who would plan and plot to really make your life miserable everyday, and then there are those who are like, “I need to show my sub-ordinates, I am their boss, so I need to show authority”, and what manners or methods they imply to display authority over their team, is by brute force punishment, negatively motivating the team with penalties and warnings. Heck, majority has retorted to abusive language and name-calling. Those were really painful times, thank God, they are finally over. Kudos to those strong and emotionally dead inside men, who labor day and night under cruel people just in order to keep for their families as full providers. Amen.

I have worked for three different companies, an engineering firm, a bank and an audit firm, each with their own formal environment but they all had these things in common, and if you hear, you would be like, this kind of sounds a bit like imprisonment. The list is as follows:

  1. If the boss is sitting all night and you don’t have any work at all to do and you are not needed, you still have to remain in the office, until the boss leaves.
  2. Time-Ins are observed, Time-Outs are not important, they don’t care if you gave your extra hours.
  3. You have to be seated at your desk and you are not allowed to communicate with anyone except for your reporting boss. Hence, if you want to meet a person, or talk to anyone outside the department, there has to be a really good reason, otherwise stories develop like, Oh that person is trying to get him/herself transferred so he/ she is making their ways to that XYZ department.
  4. You do not have the freedom to apply your own techniques in solving a problem or issue.
  5. There is always a huge risk of someone else snatching the credit for the work you did so well.

So be careful, when you are joining the workforce. Life is entirely different, corporate jungle, you may say. Have to be alert with the politics within the workplace. At times you have to struggle for sanity but life gets better.

The age bracket of 20 to 30 is a very crucial and sensitive time period, where you find yourself and establish yourself. You must not chase after money nor have a selfish attitude at the start, because no one comes to a greedy person. First you have to work with a free show, then when you gather the crowd, start charging at a staple rate and increase with demand the due worth. Decide on what career/ profession is suitable for your nature, find out whether you get bored with your job after a certain time period and badly need a change. It’s not easy to move from one company to another, it takes a lot of time and struggle.

For me, my nature was like, I wanted to learn new things, and I wanted to be very social, meet new people and play a vital role for the youth, I wanted to learn human management and team handling, so therefore, I found teaching as a profound and suitable profession for myself. I am not dissatisfied with it, you meet so many people, your social circle increases tremendously and many know you, your ability, hard work and dedication is very much visible, hence no one can snatch your credit. Working with students, I realized its easy to be a good role model or it’s easy to destroy someone’s life, but the purpose of life is to serve, so serve people in a positive way, because you will receive positivity back at you.

So far I am teaching in areas of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Sciences and Electrical & Industrial Engineering, it’s tough, its demanding, and I love every bit of it.

4 thoughts on “Teaching Profession is the best!

  • There are three forms of employment in the world:

    1 – Employee Employment:
    Refers to the typical job where there is controlled environment with instructional mechanism. You earn money for being robotic with no say.
    Example: Corporate Settings, Sethya Settings, etc
    Perks: Medium to High (currently low on average)
    Headache: Highest
    Satisfaction: Low

    2 – Worker Employment:
    Refers to the semi-controlled environment where you are with/under someone but they have little to no intervention or interference in your work. You earn money here for doing the work.
    Example: Consultancy, Free-Lancing, Faculty Tenure, etc
    Perks: Medium
    Headache: Lowest
    Satisfaction: High

    3 – Self Employment:
    Refers to the environment where you control yourself without having anyone immediate person to report to. You earn money all on your own.
    Example: Personal Business, Agency, etc
    Perks: Medium to Highest
    Headache: Medium to High
    Satisfaction: Highest

  • My dear teacher as well as dear friend, I know you are hard worker and always think positive about everyone. I hope One day u will be great and successful person on the earth. And we too through your great teaching, guiding and suggestions.

  • Magnificent piece of writing. Every bit of it is appealing in its own way. Your experience makes you a very worthy person. I myself want to persue a career in teaching. Being a teacher i feel that you are not bound my others, you can exercise your will. Teaching always teaches new stuff.

  • The article gives a comparison between teaching and other professions, and i found most of the points right. But as a teacher myself, i want to point out that in our country where education has become a business since past few years, this profession is not any different than others. Especially when you are a school/college teacher. Things like work politics, leg pulling and adulating do exist in this profession too. The only thing which makes you a better teacher is your own interest, motivation and dedication to this profession.

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